Should You Hire a Dublin Personal Injury Solicitor?


    Victims of personal injury are often told that they do not need a solicitor. They are pressured into signing a settlement. Yet, the settlement offered may not be fair compensation for their injuries. A personal injury solicitor can advise you on whether the settlement is fair and explain your options to you.

    When you suffer such injuries, you need Tiernan & Co. Solicitors on your side. Regardless of whether the negligent party is your employer, a public body, or a property owner, they’ve most likely secured a solicitor. If they have insurance, their insurance company will also involve solicitors. Tiernan & Co. Solicitors specialises in personal injury and will protect your legal rights.

    Dublin Personal Injury and Auto Accident Solicitors

    Almost all personal injury claims must go before either the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) or the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) before victims can litigate. The purpose of the PIAB is to act as a mediator between the victim and the negligent party. The MIBI handles auto accident claims in which the at-fault driver did not have car insurance.

    Often, personal injury victims believe that since the claim was filed outside of court that they do not need a solicitor even if the accident or injury was serious. Yet, mediation isn’t always easy. Choosing Tiernan & Co. Solicitors to represent you during the PIAB or MIBI mediations helps protect your best interests.

    What You Need to Know about the PIAB

    When you first contact the PIAB, they will tell you that being represented by a personal injury solicitor isn’t necessary. However, the PIAB cannot give you legal advice to protect your interests. There are several dangers you may face without a personal injury solicitor on your side:

    • Your claim could be rejected if you fail to submit the right paperwork. This could include forms or other paperwork that require specific formatting.
    • You can only use the initial injury report from your doctor. Follow-up reports or specialist reports may present more serious findings, but you may not present those findings.
    • Accepting a PIAB settlement without a personal injury solicitor could mean that you do not have a legal means to continue your claim in the event that your injury worsens.
    • Accidental submission of misleading documentation can result in a dismissal and possible criminal charges.

    Tiernan & Co. Solicitors help clients determine whether they should accept or reject the compensation, negotiate directly with the other side and communicates with insurance companies.

    What You Need to Know about the MIBI

    As stated earlier, the MIBI compensates victims of road traffic accidents where an injury is caused by an uninsured motorist. The MIBI is friendlier when it comes to the involvement of a solicitor. However, there are strict guidelines regarding claims. Common dangers for people who file a claim with the MIBI without a personal injury solicitor include:

    • Improper notification of the MIBI about your claim before legal proceedings are issued. You will lose your right to recover from MIBI.
    • Misunderstanding the notification requirements, including your ability to prove notification, may result in an unsuccessful claim.
    • Failing to comply with MIBI’s strict guidelines can result in your claim being dismissed.

    Tiernan & Co Solicitors represents clients who file claims with the MIBI and helps ensure that all of their guidelines are followed. This improves the likelihood that our clients will receive proper compensation.

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